EP 026: How To Understand Your Purpose


I couldn’t think of a more important topic to talk about in today’s episode than what Jason Treu and I spoke about during this interview. Jason is the author of “Social Wealth,” a book on how to create extraordinary relationships.

In this particular episode, though, we spoke about the struggle many people have when it comes to defining what their purpose in life is. It’s an issue that pops up all the time, and really plagues people who feel like they have so much to offer, but can’t figure out what to focus on.

In this interview, Jason shows us what is at the root of all that uncertainty and tells us about some amazing examples of what can be accomplished when we work our way past these obstacles.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What was Jason’s journey to uncovering the emotions responsible his inability define his purpose
  • How to understand your purpose after being lost or stuck
  • Why people tend to reach their goals, but plateau and fall.
  • What role lead emotions play in our ability to harness our potential to achieve our goals.

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Resource Mentions:

Social Wealth – Jason Treu’s best-selling book on how to build social wealth, build extraordinary relationships by transforming the way we live, love, lead and network.

Be Extraordinary – Jason’s site where you kind find more information about his books,free training, products, and speaking engagements.

Landmark International self-improvement training and development firm.

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