EP 035: How To Leverage Other People’s Audiences


I almost named this episode, “Publicity Lessons From a Rock Star,” but settled for the more formulaic “How To Leverage Other People’s Audiences.”

In this interview, Spencer X. Smith, founder of Spencer X. Smith Consulting and principal of the Cobalt Companies (a real estate investment firm) shares the principles of reliably getting media attention. He learned this in an unusual way–from his eight years spent as a “minor rock star.”

Is your interest piqued yet?

If so, stick around to learn how Spencer was able transform his ability to book competitive gigs into a repeatable, templated way he’s now used to get major media attention from media platforms like Forbes, and Money Magazine.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Spencer booked his band into the biggest music festival, beating
  • How to get reporters and other media insiders to come to you for expertsie
  • Why you need to start working towards your BHAG: big, hairy audacious goal
  • How to go from a one-hit wonder with your media outreach, to becoming a treasured source

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