EP 033: How To Create and Leverage Your Manifesto


The word “manifesto” probably isn’t first to mind when you think about communicating what you offer your target market. However, if you struggle to define the purpose of your business or even career, you run the risk of leaving your audience to fend for themselves when it comes to understand your value.

In this episode of the Influence Insider, Sunny Bonnell tackles how to create and leverage the power of a manifesto, or written purpose statement. She takes what might be considered a difficult undertaking, and deconstructs it into its parts, leaving us with a template that does most of the work.

What we’re left with is a a plug and play template that allows us turn our purpose, into a “magnet for the people who are trying to support you.”

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The most common mistakes people tend to make when people attempt to create purpose statements from scratch
  • One of Sunny’s favorite real-life examples of a company that powerfully harnessed the power of a manifesto
  • Why a manifesto is a must-have for an entrepreneur or professional who’s aiming to become the go to authority in their space
  • Sunny’s plug-and-play template for drafting your own manifesto

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Resource Mentions:

Call Em All – Check out the manifesto this client of Motto created, using their framework.

How To Write an Awesome Manifesto – Sunny’s proprietary framework for drafting an impactful manifesto.

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