EP 030: How To Become A Pattern Thinker


Before there was Steve Jobs, there was Thomas Edison. The original pattern thinker, he committed to outside-the-box thinking that resulted in over 1,000 patents filed in his lifetime.

Our guest today is not only the expert on Edison’s innovation process, has authored three books documenting this, but is also Thomas Edison’s great-grand nice! Sarah Miller Caldicott brings a background as a Global 500 business executive and three years of research into the little-known secrets of his innovation process.

If at first I wondered just how applicable this topic was for the self-employed professional, Sarah immediately put my doubts to rest. Be sure to listen to this episode to see how you can stand out as the innovative leader in your niche you know you should be.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the trap of linear thinking when attempting to innovate
  • What the perfect length for a innovation-inspiring jam session is and the number of participants you should limit it to
  • Edison’s little-known method of kick-starting his innovation process.
  • Why it’s importance to include opposites when attempting to innovate
  • How to incorporate new technologies to create a collaborative environment, even if you’re running a solo operation

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Resource Mentions:

Power PatternsSarah Miller Caldicott’s site where she covers innovation, collaboration, leadership and how they connect.

Midnight Lunch – Midnight Lunch outlines Edison’s four phases of collaboration success, and demonstrates how different combinations of live and digital resources can deliver outstanding ROI.

Innovate Like Edison – Bestselling author Michael J. Gelb and Sarah Miller Caldicott introduce a carefully researched, easy-to-apply system of the five success secrets inspired by the creative methods of Thomas Alva Edison.

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