EP 034: From Failure To Social Media Influencer


When I think of personal branding from scratch, I think of Leonard Kim.

Leonard has, in less than two years, gone from repeated business failures in a variety of industries to becoming an author, social media influencer and brand strategist. Instead of breaking under the weight of his negative experiences, Leonard leveraged them, and authored incredibly popular articles on Quora, a questions and answer based social media platform. The rawness and honesty he displayed resonated with his audience, propelling him to his status as a Top 20 Writer, beating out notables such as Adam Mordecai, Upworthy founding curator and Editor-At-Large, Jason Lemkin, who sold EchoSign to Adobe for a nine-figure exit, and Ben Parr, former Mashable editor and CNET columnist.

Fortunately, his path to social media influencer status is replicable. In this episode, Leonard shares not only the story of his journey, but also valuable tips and strategies on how to establish and grow a powerful personal brand.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Leonard went from so broke he couldn’t afford electricity in his apartment, to sought after brand strategist
  • Why “putting your best foot forward” might be the worst thing you can do to stand out when writing
  • What a famous podcaster told him when Leonard had doubts about his first content creation attempts
  • How to write a riveting bio that attracts the kind of attention you need for your brand

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Resource Mentions:

Leonard Kim : Learn more about Leonard at his site, as well as read articles he’s written, and opportunities to work with him.

Influence Tree: Influence Tree is a company where Leonard is the managing partner, and teaches how craft and grow a personal or commercial brand.

Ask Altucher Podcast: The Q&A podcast hosted by James Altucher, best-selling author and popular podcaster.

What Does It Feel Like To Lose A Lot Of Money Quickly: The James Altucher  Quora post Leonard read that started him on the path to become a Quora influencer.

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