EP 010: How To Be Your Most Persuasive Self with Nick Morgan


Guest: Nick Morgan (publicwords.com)

In this episode, I get a chance to speak with Nick Morgan, author of “Power Cues,” a really powerful book that drills down into how powerful we can be if learn to harness our non-verbal communications to lead, persuade, and just become incredibly impactful.

You’ll need to pull out the pen and pad with this episode, because in the time we spend talking, Nick really deconstructs non-verbal body language, ranging from the common sense, to the evolutionary-level stuff that you’re not likely to think about.

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Nick also lets us into his own destiny-shaping personal history, where we get to see him relive three significant emotional events that molded him into the person he is today…with him extracting lessons that we can learn from.

If you ever thought that popular takes on non-verbal communications had already covered it all, and there’s nothing more to say on the subject, you’ll be happily surprised to be proven wrong with this episode. Have a listen, definitely read Power Cues once you’ve finished this episode, and see how much power you can have, once you decide to take responsibility for ALL you modes of communication.

Here are some of my notes from the interview:

  • Nick opens up early on, and lets us take a look at the a collection of life-altering events that opened him up to the effect of unconscious communications.
  • Why “faking it til you make it” might be counterproductive when struggling with public speaking.
  • Bathroom wall MINUS cell phone EQUALS optimal body language!
  • 60 seconds to 2 minutes is all you need to use a step-by-step model to powerful emotional focus and charisma that your audience finds absolutely riveting.
  • Working mental movies playing positive outcomes…powerful, but takes commitment.
  • Friend of foe? Can I trust this person or not? We’re wired to assess and categorize people like this as soon as we meet.
  • You can train yourself to pick up body language suggesting deception, or you can get good at understanding the intent beneath the body language.
  • The power of the “quest” helps engage your listeners and get a powerful message across.

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