EP 004: How Influence Works with Terry R. Bacon


Guest: Terry R. Bacon (theelementsofpower.com)

Our guest this week has a really varied career. He’s been a U.S. Army officer, university professor, CEO of a professional development and consulting firm, and now that he’s mostly retired, chair of several non-profit organizations and best-selling author.

Terry R. Bacon is the best-selling author of The Elements of Power and Elements of Influence and shows us today what the the formula for influence and power is, and how to use it effectively.

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Here are my notes from the interview:

  • What’s the difference between authority and influence? Terry says it’s crucial to understand, and explains the difference.
  • The TOPS formula: how to effectively influence people—it’s not all about technique!
  • Terry created a Survey of Influence Effectiveness. See how it helped shape his research on influence and some of the big “ah-hah” moments he got as a result.
  • The one simple insight that will better help you frame your attempt to influence others.

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