EP 002: 5 Steps To Ultimate Influence with Bob Burg


Guest: Bob Burg (www.burg.com)

Welcome to the second episode of The Influence Insider Podcast! We’ve got a great show today and an amazing guest for you to listen to.

Bob Burg is the best-selling author of Adversaries into Allies and The Go-Giver, and in this show he tells us all about the principles that guide Ultimate Influencers.

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Here are my notes from the interview:

  • Bob and I randomly bond over our shared love of animals.
  • The powerful, teachable moment that Bob makes sure he shares every year.
  • The fastest, most powerful, and effective way to elicit trust.
  • How Ultimate Influence is different—getting results while genuinely helping someone else feel good about themselves and you.
  • “By all means, take your emotions for the ride, but make sure you are driving the car.” Dondi Scumaci
  • How Bob was able to transform his terrible temper into great lesson.
  • Why sometimes interpersonal interactions seemed doomed from the start, and how to deal with the struggle between belief systems.
  • Mental shadowboxing—how to effectively prepare for dealing with people’s egos.
  • The “lead-in phrase.” How to depersonalize the situation when you have to correct someone.
  • “I appreciate ya. Sometimes “thank you” just isn’t enough.
  • The power of the Ransberger Pivot and how to effectively reframe adversarial interactions.

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Resource Mentions:

Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion

The Go-Giver

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