EP 001: The Influence Insider Podcast with Courtney Wesh


Welcome to the first episode of The Influence Insider Podcast!

I’m Courtney Wesh, and I’m looking forward to introducing you to some incredible authorities on how to create, grow, and leverage influence to create professional and personal success.

I’ve included below some highlights of what this (short) intro episode covers. You can expect in future episode posts to see my notes from the interview with these experts below the introduction.

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Here are my notes:

  • I’m a U.S. Marine in addition to being an entrepreneur. Joined the Marine Corps late in comparison to most, so was driven to be above average and excel.
  • Learned more about leadership, goal-setting, networking/connection, personal branding, communication.
  • Transitioned to entrepreneurship, leading to host 1st annual online personal development event for African Americans. Showcased 16 best-selling authors, magazine editors, success coaches, etc.
  • Inspired to create podcast after taking StrengthsFinders 2.0 assessment.
  • Show mission: Provide entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals exposure to experts of creating, growing, and leveraging influence.
  • Show will be an interview format, episodes will be about 45 minutes long, and air once a week.
  • Show notes and other resources, as well as PDF transcript downloads will be available on CourtneyWesh.com
  • Next guest is best-selling author Bob Burg, author of Adversaries into Allies and The Go-Giver.

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Courtney Wesh interviews top-tier entrepreneurs, branding strategists, communication experts, and industry influencers in order to expose entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals to powerful strategies for creating, growing, and leveraging influence.

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