EP 029: Create Your Own Powerful Culture of Leadership


If you’ve ever wondered about how you can shine as a leader in your industry, look no further than this week’s episode. Today, Croft Edwards dives into the difference between true leadership and someone who is just a manager.

If you’re wondering what you could possibly get from this episode (because you’re a self-employed professional), Croft quickly drives home the point. He explains why understanding, internalizing, and consistently displaying leadership is absolutely necessary for you to be the irresistible leader your followers need and want you to be.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to go create a culture of leadership, whether you’re part of a corporate organization, running a startup, or a self-employed professional
  • What the relationship is between your moods and emotions and your ability to lead others
  • The counter-intuitive approach to presenting yourself and your product/service that automatically builds trust with your clients

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Croft and Company – Croft’s company where he and his team help individuals and organizations successfully navigate and grow during change.

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