EP 036: How To Break Your Industry’s Revenue Records


A lot of experts crave the label “industry influencer.” Kati Whitledge, however, is a bonafide industry influencer with the stats to prove it. She’s tripled industry average customer retention rates, plus she’s doubled her stylists average annual income.

She’s now gone one step further (and that’s where “industry influencer” starts becoming really applicable) and created Meet Your Match, a survey-based platform that matches clients with their perfect stylist. After perfecting her match-making strategy, she’s now rolling it to salons throughout the nation on an area-exclusive basis. 

In this episode, Kati shares the story of her journey from underwhelmed gym employee to millionaire business owner, public speaker, and soon-to-be author.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Kati tripled her industry average customer retention rates and almost doubled her stylists annual income.
  • How Kati uses “excellence trackers” to spearhead her business growth strategies .
  • How Kati leveraged technology in an industry-bucking way to flesh out here USP to clients and employees.
  • Why it’s important to create a personal avatar–your own, personal avatar to help hone your focus.

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Resource Mentions:

Kati Whitledge Personal Site – Kati’s personal site with links to her business platforms and social media profiles.

Beyond The Technique – Kati’s podcast for sales professionals and owners in the health and beauty industry.

Meet Your Match – Kati goes beyond the technique with her one of kind survey that matches stylists with future clients that are the best fit.

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